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LGBT Health

Editor-in-Chief: William Byne, MD, PhD

ISSN: 2325-8292 • Online ISSN: 2325-8306 • Published Bimonthly

Current Volume: 4

Latest Impact Factor* is 2.261

*2015 Journal Citation Reports® published by Thomson Reuters, 2016

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LGBT Health is the premier peer-reviewed journal dedicated to promoting optimal healthcare for millions of sexual and gender minority persons worldwide by focusing specifically on health while maintaining sufficient breadth to encompass the full range of relevant biopsychosocial and health policy issues. This Journal aims to promote greater awareness of the health concerns particular to each sexual minority population, and to improve availability and delivery of culturally appropriate healthcare services. LGBT Health also encourages further research and increased funding in this critical but currently underserved domain. The Journal provides a much-needed authoritative source and international forum in all areas pertinent to LGBT health and healthcare services. Contributions from all continents are solicited including Asia and Africa which are currently underrepresented in sex research.

LGBT Health facilitates and supports the efforts of researchers, clinicians, academics, and policymakers to work toward improved health status and healthcare delivery for all segments of the LGBT community and other sexual or gender minorities. Spanning a broad array of disciplines, the Journal brings together the research, clinical, and health advocacy communities to overcome barriers to healthcare and other current challenges, as well as to expand options for treatment and prevention.

LGBT Health coverage includes:

  • Health concerns of individual sexual and gender minority populations
  • Health concerns as impacted by age, race, ethnicity, religion, nationality and geographical region
  • Health issues in intersex conditions and disorders of sex development
  • Transgender-specific health issues, including those of transgender children and adolescents
  • Mental and physical health impact of stigmatization
  • Healthcare disparities and barriers to care related to sexual and gender minority status
  • Reproductive health and assisted reproduction
  • Lifecycle development and aging in sexual and gender minority populations
  • HIV/AIDS, STDs, at-risk LGBT youth, and risk factors
  • HIV/AIDS, and other chronic illness
  • Screening programs and disease prevention
  • Family concerns involving sexually and gender variant children
  • Parenting by gender and sexual minority individuals
  • Best practices and guidelines
  • Model programs
  • Professional training and education of physical and mental healthcare providers
  • Public health policy, healthcare and insurance reform

The Journal publishes original research, reviews, clinical reports, legal and policy perspectives in all of the areas identified above, and select book reviews.

LGBT Health is under the editorial leadership of Editor-in-Chief William Byne, MD, PHD, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York, NY and other leading researchers. View the entire editorial board.

Audience: All healthcare providers and researchers with an interest in sexual minority health as well as policy makers and advocates for parity in healthcare for sexual minorities. This includes physicians and physician assistants of all disciplines, nurses and nurse practitioners, social workers and psychologists as well as researchers in any relevant area of the health sciences, including basic, translational and clinical studies; population studies; social sciences and medical anthropology.

Watch an important video message from Editor-in-Chief William Byne, MD, PhD:

Indexed/Abstracted in:

MEDLINE; PubMed; PubMed Central; Current Contents®/Clinical Medicine; Current Contents®/Social & Behavioral Sciences; Science Citation Index Expanded; Social Sciences Citation Index®; Journal Citation Reports/Science Edition; Journal Citation Reports/Social Sciences Edition; Scopus; PsycINFO; Global Health

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The views, opinions, findings, conclusions and recommendations set forth in any Journal article are solely those of the authors of those articles and do not necessarily reflect the views, policy or position of the Journal, its Publisher, its editorial staff or any affiliated Societies and should not be attributed to any of them.

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