User Accounts

Signing in

To sign in, click "My Liebert Connect" or "Sign In" in the masthead of the site and enter your username and password. Please note that both are case sensitive. Sign out by clicking "Log out" in the menu bar.

If you're having trouble signing in, you may be entering the wrong username or password. does not recognize usernames from other sites (for example, library or society webpages)


Benefits of a user account

Creating a user account is free, and is required for accessing personal subscriptions or administering an institutional subscription.

In addition, offers many features that are available to registered users only. These include free registration for Table of Contents e-mail alerts, citation tracking, saved searches, and more.


Updating your contact information

To update your contact information or e-mail address, click "My Liebert Connect" in the masthead of the site followed by "My Account" in the submenu. Correct your contact information as necessary, then scroll down and click "Submit."


Creating a new user account

To create a new user account, click "My Liebert Connect" or "Register" in the masthead of the site. Select a username and password and supply additional information to create your account. The information that you provide will be held in the strictest confidence.

When creating a new account you will be asked to recognize and type a word appearing in a distorted image. This is a security precaution that prevents automated applications (or "robots") from creating user accounts. Some browsers may have trouble displaying this image. If you cannot recognize the word, please contact us.


Changing your password

To change your password, click "My Liebert Connect" in the masthead of the site followed by "My Account" in the submenu. Enter your old password and new password twice, then scroll down and click "Submit." Please note that passwords are case sensitive.


Retrieving a forgotten password

Retrieve a forgotten password by entering the e-mail address provided when you created your user account. You will receive an e-mail containing your password.

If your e-mail address has changed, or if you are otherwise unable to retrieve your password, please contact us.


Privacy policy

Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. respects your privacy. Information you provide to us during or after registration is used for administrative purposes only, and will not be disclosed to third parties without your written consent.

In addition, aggregate information is collected each time you access This includes the date and time of access, your IP address, and Web browser and operating system being used. We also record information about content and feature usage.

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