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Universal mobile-friendly access to all
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It's not an app... though you wouldn't know that from using it. There's no need to download or install anything. Just go to www.liebertformobile.com using your mobile browser to enjoy full, mobile-ready access to all journal content.

Features and Benefits


Complete mobile access to your Mary Ann Liebert subscription-based content and purchases. [ Learn More ]

Device pairing for 24/7 access to content through, your associated library or institution, your personal subscription , or your Society affiliation. Follow these simple pairing instructions.

Save content to your device for offline access.

Share content via LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.


Automatic institution pairing provides 24/7 access for your patrons from any location. Once a device is associated with an institution, it is paired automatically. [ Learn More ]


Broaden your visibility and reach. Supplement your advertising opportunities on the L4M mobile application platform. Banner ads are available on almost every mobile page. Contact your sales manager for more information.

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