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In Support of Scientists' March on Washington, Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. Launches GoGreen Shoelaces for Science™

New Rochelle, NY, January 28, 2017—Lace up! Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. announces GoGreen Shoelaces for Science™, a new grassroots initiative to support the upcoming Scientists’ March on Washington and the advancement and dissemination of scientific research. The company will be donating 5,000 pairs to scientists participating in the march, or anyone who wants to support American science and discovery.

GoGreen Shoelaces for Science™ will be both a walking testament and daily reminder that we must ensure the advancement of all areas of science and support the widespread dissemination of research,” said Mary Ann Liebert, president and CEO of the company that bears her name.

"Cool! GoGreen Shoelaces for Science™ is a great symbol of picking up the pace of progress. Like marathon runners, scientists work hard training so that when the big event comes, they are ready," said Stephen K. Klasko, M.D., M.B.A., President and CEO, Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health.

GoGreen Shoelaces for Science™ will be worn during the March and long after the March,” said Ms. Liebert. “I applaud and support the Scientists’ March on Washington and these bright green shoelaces are an effective visual enhancement for scientists in every discipline, including climate change and the environment.”

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